I define social enterprise as a non-profit or for-profit organization that has some sort of social or environmental mission embedded in the DNA of the organization. In this section, I provide tools and strategies for building social enterprises as well as guidance on becoming a social entrepreneur or intrapreneur (i.e. using entrepreneurial techniques within existing organizations), regardless of what sector you’re working in.

Collective Impact, explained - Collective Impact is a method through which a group of key players from different sectors commit to a common agenda in order to solve a specific social problem.
The. Business. Model. - For a social enterprise, use this business model, but add social and environmental costs and benefits, accounting for the true costs and benefits of what you create.
The Value Proposition Canvas - To create products and services that meet the needs of people, it's important to keep track of your target market's pains, gains, and to-do's - which are all opportunities for providing value to them.
Non-profit, For-profit, or Hybrid? - Each social entrepreneur is faced with a critical decision point along their journey: to be (or not to be) legally designated as a non-profit, a for-profit, or potentially a hybrid of the two.
Free Online Courses & Videos on Entrepreneurship - Conventional arenas for learning about entrepreneurship can be prohibitively expensive. Here are some free online courses and content on entrepreneurship that I found especially helpful.